Group Coaching & Training

Group Coaching

Group coaching is coaching in a small group, often 3-10 people that  might or might not already know each other, done in an intimate conversation setting, and using general coaching techniques. Group coaching  is very useful for shared issues like for example goal setting, mutual personal challenges or general improvements, and for deepening awareness  of a specific issue, where the coach provides a framework and the coachees supply the active content. 

Group Coaching provides many benefits, of which some are listed below... 

  • Accelerated group and employee development
  • Peer learning – utilizing the collective wisdom of the group
  • Additional focus in the group or one’s self-focus
  • Less intense than individual coaching, where coachee would be on the spot during the full session 
  • Allowing more time to reflect and integrate your insights
  • Wider, but less deep conversations than in individual coaching
  • Useful to open up cross-departmental communication over time 
  • Silo breakdown if group is cross-departmental
  • Effective training follow up and reminder – supporting application and anchoring of the learned
  • Encouraging and supportive of ongoing change
  • More economical than individual coaching

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